Little Red Riding Hood Party


I know that when I post our little guy's birthday parties, it's more appealing for those of you who have boys. So today, I was thinking to myself "If I had a girl, what kind of a birthday party would I want to throw for her?". I've thought about this before, and I've thought about a twist on a Hello Kitty theme or something strawberry related, but my favorite idea is probably the little red riding hood theme. It's because of the colors and the setting.

Party Backdrops


It's always fun to create a photo area for some cute pictures at a party. Whether it's a backdrop for the delicious display of food or a background for snapping pictures of (or with) guests. Here are some lovely inspirations from around the web, maybe some of these will even inspire you pick a party theme or two.

This Week's Party Favorites


I've been thinking a lot about how to incorporate my profession (event planning) into the blog, and one of the ideas I had was to share some party eye-candy with you from around the web. Afterall, social media is huge right now and sometimes there's just too much to see! I'm always inspired by beautiful things on the web (especially on Pinterest, oh Pinterest how did we survive without you?). I love that you can take bits and pieces of your favorite ideas and mesh them together to create your one-of-a-kind party.

Making it Lovely: Crafty Like A Fox Party


This baby shower theme created by Nicole of Making it Lovely is yep, lovely! Who doesn't love a fox-themed-anything really, but I love how she took the theme and didn't make it too literal. There were foxes here and there, but her color palette was inspired by a table cloth by Rifle (which I LOVE ofcourse!).

Superhero Booth


Can you believe it's November already? The fun thing about the holiday season is that even though all the actual holidays are on certain dates, the whole month is dedicated to celebrating that holiday. Now that Halloween is officially over, all the store decorations will slowly transform to celebrate Thanksgiving. The little elves don't only work on Christmas ya know? :) As the little guy's birthday draws closer, I'm already racking my brain trying to pick a theme and plan a party in my head.

Wild, Wild West!


This has got to be one the most detailed and coolest birthday parties ever! For all the parents who have a little one into cowboys and the wild west, saddle up! This is one party to live up to. I can't imagine how much time was put into all the little details, it's any kid's dream! I wish I was invited!!

Back To School Party


That's how much some children love to go to school! I remember I used to get so excited at the end of the summer, and the night before school started I'd put in all my new pencils, eraser, ruler in my new pencil case and I'd have a hard time falling asleep because I couldn't wait to go to school the next morning! This classroom-themed party would be right up my alley. Lots of ideas for decorations and projects: think blackboards, books, pencils, apples and favor lunch boxes filled with school-related goodies!

Constellation Cookies


These pretty constellation cookies would make such a fun baby shower theme. Stars, stars everywhere and lots of fun with chalk paint and glitter! Bright ideas make me feel inspired, love it! 

There's Always Room For IceCream!


I am in love with the details of this ice cream party by Sarah (of Style Me Gorgeous) for her 2 year old son Max. And I can't wait to throw an ice cream party now. This would be a great baby shower theme too, so since the little guy's birthday is in the winter, I may have to throw one of these for one my pregnant friends!

Around-The-Town Birthday Party


We got to go to two birthday parties this past weekend. I'm surrounded by wonderfully talented friends who plan the best parties for their children, we had a blast! I helped a good friend come up with her 2 year old's party layout, and she implemented the idea so well it exceeded my expectations! Instead of having the usual focal table against a wall, we wanted to do something a little different. The idea was to create a road-map in a town full of stores and to make food/dishes that pertained to each store or landmark.