Swoop Bag


Within a mere couple of years, we've managed to collect so many toys, we don't know what to do with ourselves. I'm first to admit that I have loved shopping at toy stores more than shopping for my own stuff since becoming a mommy. I get more happiness and gratification seeing my little boy's face light up. It's not an excuse for getting too many fun things, but too late now! That, plus all the christmas presents, birthday presents and presents for no special reason. Too. Many. Toys. And the older they get, the littler the toys seem to get.

LEGO boxes


I always thought these lego storage boxes are brilliant! You can stack them just like lego pieces. Any kid would love them! So I was super excited when had it as one of their sales the other day.

Kokeshi Bento Box


It was love at first sight when I saw these Japanese bento boxes on Fab this past weekend, and I wanted to get one right away! I ordered our little guy the Samurai bento box and we can't wait to receive it! Each bento box breaks down into a rice/soup bowl and two other comparments (one of which has a leak-resistant inner lid), and all the pieces are held together with an elastic band. We're excited to use them at home and pack them for when S needs lunch at school!

Little Red Riding Hood Nesting Dolls


How cute is this Mike He's design of the classic tale "Little Red Riding Hood"? It's a fun play on the Matryoshka doll design and features little red riding hood (ofcourse) eaten by wolf then looking like granny. These nesting dolls aren't just cute, they also serve as snack containers for kids (with lids!). Made of sustainable materials.



Meet "Quackie" a duck storage system for kids. I am so loving the design, I had to blog about it today! The makers of "Quackie" are still looking for a manufacturer to produce their design and I have all of my fingers crossed that that will happen in the near future because it's such an adorable idea! 

Read more on Quackie at e-glue.

Crayon Holders


What can't you find on Etsy these days? I love that it gives people the freedom to come up with brilliant ideas, implement them and share them with the world! So what did I find on Etsy today? These organic wooden crayon holders that come in all sorts of shapes by Countryside Gifts!!

3 Sprouts


We love the 3 Sprouts products and characters. We store Seiya's toys in their storage bins, but I just saw their storage boxes today and now I want them all! The storage bins are great and they fit a lot of things, but since they are soft, they tend to lean in one direction if the weight is uneven. The boxes seem sturdier, so I'm excited about that! I also love their soft seats shown below.

Whimsical Storage Solutions