5th Birthday Party!


We had just returned from our winter trip to Japan, and it was only one week away from his fifth birthday. My parents (S's grandma and grandpa from Taiwan) came to visit a few days after we got back home. So it was all kinds of crazies, and that coupled with jetlag meant that I knew I wouldn't be able to plan a party. But then I've always thrown him birthday parties and he was turning FIVE. I mean, how often does that happen?! Once. That's right.

Simply Cake-alicious


If you haven't noticed already, I'm a simple clean-look kinda gal. I'm all for colors and details, but if they can be simply stated then they speak volumes. These beautiful cakes designed by Peace of Cake Design demonstrate just that, simple designs that catch everyone's attentions! I love them so much this will be the way to go for every birthday from now on. 

Happy Friday!

Little Red Riding Hood Party


I know that when I post our little guy's birthday parties, it's more appealing for those of you who have boys. So today, I was thinking to myself "If I had a girl, what kind of a birthday party would I want to throw for her?". I've thought about this before, and I've thought about a twist on a Hello Kitty theme or something strawberry related, but my favorite idea is probably the little red riding hood theme. It's because of the colors and the setting.

Halloween Munchies


This year, we're going to go trick or treating with a few preschool friends. But before we head out, we're having a small potluck so we fill everyone's bellies before knocking from door to door. I'm thinking about making some Halloween-inspired dishes that are both fun to look at and yummy to eat. And as always, I opt for cute Halloween spooks and not the scary and gruesome. Here are some of the things I might be making from around the web:

Micah's 1st Birthday: Maimai-Bear Turns One!


The one year old curse attacked Micah right before his birthday party too! He had a fever on the day-of, but he was a trooper! First birthdays are mainly a celebration of the parents making it as one year parents anyway right? He won't remember that we worked hard to make his birthday party as cute as can be, or that we were screaming when the wind blew the giant balloons into the icing of the cake, or that he was on cloud 9 petting TWO adorable dogs at the same time at his own party. But still, we make the party as cute as can be.

Balloon Works


What's a party without any balloons? Ok maybe that's not entirely true, but they are a fun addition! And these days, a lot of photoshoots involve balloons too because they add a fun pop of color, and they seriously come in all sorts of colors and shapes and forms now. We all know about regular latex balloons, you know, the ones you can get at a grocery store. And lately, everyone's been introduced to round latex balloons which comes in many sizes. But I wanted to show you all these other kinds because there are so many great ways to use balloons!

Party Backdrops


It's always fun to create a photo area for some cute pictures at a party. Whether it's a backdrop for the delicious display of food or a background for snapping pictures of (or with) guests. Here are some lovely inspirations from around the web, maybe some of these will even inspire you pick a party theme or two.

Summer Lovin'


Summertime means spending a lot of time with loved ones and a lot of time outside! Here are some of my latest summer favorites. They can be just for fun, for throwing a summer backyard party or for a day at the beach. One more week of school before it's officially summer break for our little guy!

This Week's Party Favorites


I've been thinking a lot about how to incorporate my profession (event planning) into the blog, and one of the ideas I had was to share some party eye-candy with you from around the web. Afterall, social media is huge right now and sometimes there's just too much to see! I'm always inspired by beautiful things on the web (especially on Pinterest, oh Pinterest how did we survive without you?). I love that you can take bits and pieces of your favorite ideas and mesh them together to create your one-of-a-kind party.

4th Birthday Party!


Ahoy mateys! This past weekend was S's 4th birthday. His birthday was on sunday but we had the birthday party on saturday. I say this every year, and will probably say it for the rest of my life, but I can't believe he's 4 already!!! The party was a great success, but I have to admit that the planning process (i.e. the two days before the party) was rather stressful. We're still settling down in the new house, it's neither fully furnished nor fully decorated, but we were getting ready to have 20 guests in the house (and that was me trying to keep it as small as possible).