A Fleury Of Paper Art


I've seen the beautiful work of Chloe Fleury around, but only recently found her name and website, so it's an exciting day!

There's No Place Like Bed


I'm one of those people who think that my bed is THE best place in the whole wide world. If I had a choice, I could probably lay in bed all day. The soft sheets, fluffy duvet and warmth and comfort of my bed.. they're all calling me right now. Especially when we travel. that moment you sit on your hard airplane seat and sleepiness overcomes you and all you wish for in the world is to return to your own comfortable bed. There's no place like it.

Chispum: Peel 'N Stick


I believe that decals are truly one of the best inventions ever. The fact that they can now be made into wallpaper size sheets is simply awesome-sauce! Even though they're "temporary" they stick on well and you will barely be able to tell the difference between a decal and real wallpaper. There is no better room in the house for decals than a little one's room or playroom. There are so many very cute decals of everything you can think of under the moon.



Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. We went to a friend's birthday party where S got to play on a slip and slide, swung around on a tree rope and kicked around a soccer ball all day long. It was also his first time beating a pinata to near death. What is it about kids and pinatas? Do they just have this built up aggression bottled inside all their little bodies they need to get out? Or do they really want to see what's inside the pinata? I don't know, but each of the kids were so eager for their turn with the bat.

Balloon Works


What's a party without any balloons? Ok maybe that's not entirely true, but they are a fun addition! And these days, a lot of photoshoots involve balloons too because they add a fun pop of color, and they seriously come in all sorts of colors and shapes and forms now. We all know about regular latex balloons, you know, the ones you can get at a grocery store. And lately, everyone's been introduced to round latex balloons which comes in many sizes. But I wanted to show you all these other kinds because there are so many great ways to use balloons!

On The Shelf


Today is the first day of the last year of preschool for our little guy. The end of summer means I am back to blogging! I apologize for the sporadic blodding over the summer break, but having S home everyday means full-time mommyhood so I'm very grateful for your patience and understanding. It was a great summer. And unlike a lot of my other mommy friends, I felt like it flew by too quickly. For some reason I feel like S was just in school a week ago and now I'm packing his book bag again. Must be the old age because apparently the older you get the quicker time seems to pass by *sigh*.

Party Backdrops


It's always fun to create a photo area for some cute pictures at a party. Whether it's a backdrop for the delicious display of food or a background for snapping pictures of (or with) guests. Here are some lovely inspirations from around the web, maybe some of these will even inspire you pick a party theme or two.

One Plush One


Just how adorable are these personalized plush dolls by The Citizens Collectible? The most adorable! These plush family sets are custom made for each family and I love the details that are included (e.g. the glasses, the beards, the fabric patterns and ofcourse the pets). Whether you're a family of one, two or four plus furry children, there's something for every family.

Rooms of The Famous


There are a handful of bloggers that I follow religiously. All of them have different strengths and all of them so very inspiring. While I was reading through my feed today, I realized that all of a sudden, almost all of my favorite bloggers are now mommies and these blogger mommies have added their little ones to their blog life. And at some point or another, they've all blogged about their kid's bedrooms. Like I said before, kid's rooms are the most fun to decorate! I have loved seeing their room reveals, so I wanted to share them with you.

Confetti Stickers


With my current love for all-things-dotty, these colorful confetti wall stickers definitely caught my attention. They would look fun in a kid's room or nursery (especially above the crib). The fun thing about them is that you can place them however you please - scattered or uniform in all 15 colors. 

Enjoy your weekend! We're excited because S's dada is returning from his business trip tomorrow!