Really Big Coloring Poster


I discovered Pirasta through Instagram one day. So for those wondering, I guess sponsored posts do work! ;) They make "really big coloring posters". Like really really big ones - 63" x 36" to be exact. I've seen giant color posters before and I've even thought about using S's roll paper to cut out a long piece and drawing a bunch of things on there for him to color.

Mini Picasso


When you have a little one as creative as mine, you will realize that the best way to make home feel even more like home without spending big bucks on fancy wall art, is to display some (or a lot) of his art (because it is that brilliant)! For a few hours a day, S sits at his desk and tells me he's making art. He sits there quietly, cutting, taping, sticking, coloring and drawing until he's finished with his creation. He comes out of his room after making me promise not to peak while he's working, and always tells me how amazed I am going to be. That is an understatement.

Food Stampeed


Stampeed as in Stamp-NEED. I used to buy so many rubber stamps when I first got into the whole crafting thing. Yeah, probably not the best way to spend money, but discovering the art of crafting was so exciting at the time. I couldn't believe it took me over 25 years to realize I was so passionate about something! But like with most things, the excitement died down and my stamps sat in a box in some corner of our office shelf until... S discovered his love for art-making and crafting!

A Fleury Of Paper Art


I've seen the beautiful work of Chloe Fleury around, but only recently found her name and website, so it's an exciting day!

Art Supplies


There is nothing S enjoys more than doing arts & crafts. He can do it all day. I love how creative he is (sometimes he has better ideas than I do!). And I love the process of him describing his ideas to me so I can help him make whatever it is he has in mind. For example, the day we went to get our Christmas tree, he decided to make him and his friend some ornaments. I just saw him running back and forth between the office and his bedroom. He had his desk lamp turned on and he was busy cutting and cutting paper.

Chispum: Peel 'N Stick


I believe that decals are truly one of the best inventions ever. The fact that they can now be made into wallpaper size sheets is simply awesome-sauce! Even though they're "temporary" they stick on well and you will barely be able to tell the difference between a decal and real wallpaper. There is no better room in the house for decals than a little one's room or playroom. There are so many very cute decals of everything you can think of under the moon.

An Original Piece Of "Duvet"


Some moms (dads, grandparents, care-takers) think of the most wonderful ways to preserve their little ones childhood memories. If I had a bottle for every detail I wanted to save of S from babyhood to now, my shelf would be toppling over already. So we try and get creative because there are things we never ever want to forget. I love love love what this mom (blogger of A Thousand Words) did with her little guy's art work.

DIY: Koinobori


Koinobori (Japanese flying carp) is supposed to be made for children's day/boy's day in May, but.. they're also just cute! So we decided to make one this week on one of our nothing-to-do-so-let's-make-something days. It was inspired by this wonderful tutorial which I found through Pinterest. We just used all the colored tissue paper we had at home and made a rainbow carp.

Art Display


As our little ones start going to school and bringing back lots of artwork, we as parents need to figure out how to preserve the pieces we want to keep, how to display them and show them off, how to store them. Right now, most of S's artwork sit in a folder on the office bookshelf and some are taped onto the fridge (what is up with fridge's that don't take magnets by the way!!). But I've made sure to take pictures of all his precious artwork because I know we won't be able to keep all of it. He hasn't even started preschool yet and we already have a folder full of stuff!

Wall Hangings!


Here are some of my favorite art pieces for children's rooms and nurseries (although we have the Pirum Parum in our room because that's how much I love it). Enjoy!