Enter At Your Own Risk


We've heard of food too cute/pretty to eat, but doors too cute to enter must be a first. These door decals by Made of Sundays (on Etsy) do just that though, and it's such a fun way to dress up a kids space (or the kid at heart). 

Reading Made Fun


As we approach the start of kindergarten, we're working more on our reading skills. But reading words off a piece of paper isn't fun, and S isn't really motivated to read easy books either (unlike some of his friends who read as a hobby). He always wants me to read to him. So I try to make reading fun to encourage him to read more. We started out with words then moved on to phrases. And with each, I try to create new games to make learning exciting. Last week, I decided to make this book.

A Fleury Of Paper Art


I've seen the beautiful work of Chloe Fleury around, but only recently found her name and website, so it's an exciting day!

Delightful Books: Sparky!


Sparky! Stars a pet who has more to offer than meets the eye and is a perfect book for young animal lovers. I literally read it in the store today and ordered it right away for the little dude. We always hear about kids who beg their parents for a pet but the parents say no for various reasons like the feeding, the cleaning, the walking... so wait till you see what pet the narrator picks!

African Plain


I'm not always a big fan of wall murals because I usually like things simple, but this African plain decal/mural is as good as it gets. The colors, the geometric shapes and the adorable animals. You can buy them in various sizes to customize to your wall. Made by a French company called E-Glue, they have a wonderful assortment of wall decor and decals to choose from. 

Delightful Apps: Petting Zoo


Petting Zoo: This whimsical and humorous app by Christoph Niemann is sure to bring giggles and surprises to you and your little one(s). By swiping and tapping on the wonderful illustrations, the animals react in fun ways that are unexpected and delightful. 

Jellycat Critters


Jellycat has always been our favorite stuffed-animal maker. Our little guy has 5 of them (none of which we bought ourselves), but his aunts and uncles have picked some super cute ones for him. I came across their recent collection and had to share some of my current favorites. I love the mix of fabrics and textures, and I'm sure it's fun for little babies to dig their fingers into all the fun fur! S used to chew on his alligators feet when he was little, and I just told him the other day that he used to do that and he said "but I don't do that anymore, I'm not a baby anymore".

Needle Felted Creatures


These sweet little needle felted creatures by Handmade by Brynne fill my insides with so much joy and warmth. I'm no expert on needle felting but it doesn't look very easy. The little characters she makes are just perfect. I love the round bodies and everything else about them! I might just have to get a few to put on our nightstands (even if it means getting some funny looks from the hubby). 

Wrap-Around Rings


These cute wrap around rings by Greenmot would make great stocking stuffers.

Cardboard Animals


I've always been a fan of Anthrolopologie's styling and that is why I collect their catalogues. Not sure what I'm going to do with them because the pile is getting bigger and bigger, but I find them inspiring. The styling on the kid's section is so great in these attached images. And I thought I'd share them today since they can also be an idea for costumes if you'd rather use card board vs. fabric. The dinosaur is adorable! I'll be sharing Seiya's Halloween costume pictures soon, so stay tuned!

Happy Halloween!