10 Summer Acitivities


For a lot of schools, summer break begins at the end of this week! The kids are jumping around and cheering, but the grown ups have been racking their brains since after Christmas trying to come up with summer entertainment ideas for their offspring (lol). Trust me, I'm new to this whole process, so imagine my shock when other mommies asked me what camps we're signing up for or where we were traveling to when it was still freezing cold outside. I had no answers, and I had no idea the planning started so early!

Bike Seats


The hubby really wants to bike ride with the little guy, so I've been looking for a toddler bike seat. It's such a hard decision because of all the options out there. There are front seats and back seats and different weight limitations. The front seats seem safer but most can only last until the child is 3 years old and can get in the way of riding. The back seats last longer, but then one can't keep an eye on their kids. These are our top choices right now, and from them we need select one! Have you tried any bike seats? Which woudl you recommend?



Yesterday was a painting kind of day. S found a paint brush on the desk and decided it was a painting kind of day :) So we rolled out some paper, taped it down, gave him 5 water paint colors and a bowl of water and off he went - free-style! I love that he tells stories with his pictures now. His favorite being "the ocean, a dolphin swimming, a whale swimming and some fish". Drawing and painting are some of his favorite activities now. What do you think? A new Picasso or DaVinci on the rise? hehe

Stamping For Fun


Rubber stamps are a fun way to spend an afternoon with your little one when you have nothing else to do. It might get a little messy, but they always have a blast! Make sure you use ink pads that are easier to wash off (like the ColorBox series), give them a big piece of paper and let them go nuts!

Crayon Hearts


I'm always looking for fun activities to do with the little guy, and as Valentines day quickly approaches, I'm trying to think of what we can do together for his daddy. This wax paper + crayon idea via Martha Stewart is simple (though a little on the dangerous side for younger kids) and pretty. I think we shall give it a go! He'll enjoy shaving crayon bits and making a big mess!

ChitterChatter: What Activities Do You Do With Your Children?


I just took Seiya to a new play space yesterday called U-Me Place with some friends. It's a clean and spacious play space that has toys/stations that appeal to kids with all interests. From a grocery store, to a train table, to a big-kid slide, every kid was entertained. I think the ideal age for U-Me is probably around two years, so if you have any 2-3 year olds, it's definitely a place worth visiting!