Wanted: The Perfect LunchBag


Once again, I'm faced with a problem only a mama would have to worry about. I am on the hunt for the perfect lunch bag. S has been going to preschool for almost a full school year now, which means I've been packing his lunch for almost a full school year. And since it's a Japanese school (and a general Asian thing), school lunches mean there's usually rice and sides involved. In order for the rice and sides not to mush together, or for any juices to leak into the lunch bag, the perfect lunch bag has to allow for lunch boxes to sit up straight (a lot of lunch bags let's you put boxes in, you zip it up, lift it, and now the boxes are sideways = leakage and shaking the food the wrong way). I'm realizing how ridiculous this sounds as I type it. Of course there are much bigger problems in the world to worry about, but this is my current "thing"! Before S went to school, I saw the SkipHop lunch bags, thought they were cute, and naturally, I bought one. It zips all around and it has the lift and shift problem I just mentioned. I need something that zips on top and sits vertically. We have ones like that, with insulated linings that are great, but unfortunately they're too small for snack, lunch, utensils and a placemat (which is what the school requires). The zipper always looks like it's about to bust open any second. There is definitely no room for his water bottle which I always put in his book bag. So here are my finds for lunch bags that meet my requirements. I'm still on the fence as to which one we'll get, but I know I need to get one soon because it's driving me crazy!

Yup, I'm the mama who just whined about lunch bag problems in public. hehe

Sources: {1. BUILT Neoprene lunch tote 2. Lunchskins lunch tote 3. Dabawalla 4. Pow! Organic lunch bag by Fluf}

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