Valentines Day For School


There are some pretty awesomely creative stuff out there for Valentines Day:

I-a-DOOR you (make door related gifts like door knob hanger), I'm BANANAS for you (make banana bread), you are PURRR-fect or it's RUFF without you, I'm HOOKED on you (with fish snacks), I WHEELIE like you, you're a great CATCH, I like you BEARY much (or BERRY much if you like), I have my eye on you, you melt my heart (think chocolate), I think you're AMAZING (little toy mazes), you are the icing on the cake (who doesn't love cupcakes), you make my heart bounce (bouncy balls), I have a crush on you (think fizzy drink), you are just WRITE for me (pencil), DONUT you know I love you (there's always room for donuts), I'd always pick you (you can never go wrong with flowers). 

So see, now that S is in kindergarten and the teacher tells us we have the option of giving a little something to the whole class, we're so in!! But with all these great lines, which one do we choose? The goal is to give them something they'd actually be excited about! So I've narrowed it down to my four favorites (up top). I'm not sure the girls will be thrilled about getting toy bugs, but that's our backup option in case the teacher restricts it to none food items. But I'm secretly hoping I'll be packing gummy bears next week! We love gummy bears in our house. Isn't it fun seeing the world through your children's eyes? I can't wait for him to celebrate his first big-boy valentines with his friends!

Oh and did I mention that S received his first love letter last week?! He was so casual about it because he obviously doesn't think it's anything special, and I was just proud of myself for not hyperventillating. teehee :D

{top to bottom, left to right: 1. You are a BEARY good friend 2. Hey love bug! 3. conversation heart cookies 4. fish in the sea}

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