Trader Joe's Favorites


I've been on the Trader Joe's fan bus/wagon for a while now, and one of my favorite things to do is read their newsletters! Yeah my husband thinks I'm a little cray-cray and asks me "do you actually read it?" and I'm like "yes, all of it." Because from past experience, you almost always discover something new and delicious from them newsletters. I'm a little treasure-hunter inside, and I love finding Trader Joe's treasures! Along with seeing other bloggers blog about their list of TJ favorites, I also follow a local FaceBook group of TJ lovers, and I also love spying on everyone else's carts and baskets while standing in line waiting for my turn at the cash register. All great ways to discover new TJ treasures I tell ya (even though it might sound like I'm a TJ-nut. I'll take it). So now it's my turn to share our family favorites because they're so worth sharing. We buy these items on repeat and never tire of them. I've turned some friends into hardcore fans as well. Thank you Trader Joe's for making grocery shopping so much more fun!

Mediterranean Hummus: We always, and I mean ALWAYS, have a tub of these in our fridge. It tastes the most authentic - like hummus you'd find in the Middle East. And our son loooooves this stuff. (we always buy the pita bread at TJ's to go with it)

Pork Gyoza Potstickers: Now we live in California, we have all kinds of Asian markets (we're lucky like that) and still, our favorite dumplings come from Trader Joe's. WHAT?! It's true! Thin dough and very flavorful meat filling. We fry them as potstickers or cook them in water as regular dumplings. Perfect for a quick last-minute meal. (found in the freezer section)

Almond Croissants: If these don't make me fat, I'd be eating them everyday. Defrost them overnight and pop them in the oven first thing in the morning. The house smells delicious and when you eat them it's the best melt-in-your-mouth almond goodness. I'm telling you, this is an absolute must-try. It's heavenly. (found in the freezer section)

Cocoa Batons: crunchy crispy and chocolate-y. I'm always looking for new snacks to take to the park for S and his buddies. This one gets snatched up quickly. Good for big and littles. Many of TJ's dried fruits make perfect snacks as well. Some of our favorites are: dried mandarin oranges, dried mangoes, dried cherries, dried coconut.

Italian Truffle Cheese + Fig & Olive Crisps: These two can be enjoyed separately or together, we prefer the latter. In more recent years I've started to really enjoy the taste of truffles (an acquired taste, I know). This is truly one of our favorite cheeses of all time - so flavorful and not pricey (exactly what TJ's is all about!). We slice the cheese up and munch on it with these yummy fig and olive crisps - pair it with a TJ's wine (so many good options) and you have a par-tay! Great pairing for when guests come too. 

Spinach and Artichoke Dip: thinking about this one makes me hungry. Another crowd-pleaser at a party. We like to eat it with pita chips. So so so good. (found in the freezer section)

I could seriously go on and on about all the things we've tried from Trader Joe's, but the above are our absolute favorites. One more thing I always go to TJ's to get is organic whole milk. I won't post a picture of that because it's anti-climatic hehe, but you really can't beat the price of a gallon of whole milk at TJ's.


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