This Week's Party Favorites


1. I mean we all know that food themes are the best! Pretzels in all their twistiness and golden-brown-ness are one of the most popular food items, and for good reason. They just look so... GOOD. I love how simple yet eye-catching this pretzel themed party is. You know, all it takes are pretzels. (image above via Minted)

2. Yep, I hopped onto the cactus-craze-fan-wagon a few years ago too. What's not to love about cacti other than the thorns that somehow cover your fingers if you even gently touch it by accident? They're easy to take care of, come in an array of vibrant colors and for a lack of a better word, are, cute. I would totally throw a cactus-themed party, especially if I got to choose S's birthday themes. He'd just be like "what?! mama... why?!" so I shall live vicariously through someone else who has thrown a cactus-themed party for now. Like this one. Can we say holy cupcakes?!

3. One of the best things about summer are melons/watermelons! So how about some fresh melon quenchers at your next summer party?

4. Is your little boy wild about Wild Kratts too? Mine is! And I loved how Lisa from Good On Paper interpreted that theme for her little boy. It's stylish in a way that is appreciated by both kids and adults. And I especially love the invitations (of course!). She always nails the invitations!

5. And finally, if you're going to throw a party, make sure all the guests put on their party hats. Even the very very small guests...

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