This Week's Party Favorites


I've been thinking a lot about how to incorporate my profession (event planning) into the blog, and one of the ideas I had was to share some party eye-candy with you from around the web. Afterall, social media is huge right now and sometimes there's just too much to see! I'm always inspired by beautiful things on the web (especially on Pinterest, oh Pinterest how did we survive without you?). I love that you can take bits and pieces of your favorite ideas and mesh them together to create your one-of-a-kind party. Whoeever came up with the online scrapbook idea is genius, it makes it so easy and so much fun. So here are some of the awesome party details that are (truly) making me want to throw a party for no reason at all. Enjoy!

1. This is just the most perfect birthday theme ever. It's so simple, we didn't even think about it! Most people (other than my brother-in-law) love bananas. Banana cake, banana milk, banana ice-cream, sundaes, you name it! And let's not forget the pop of yellow. I love it so much, I diiiiie. (Go Bananas!)

2. When it comes to DIY brilliance, one of the web icons is Jordan Ferny of Oh Happy Day! No doubt. I love how she took what would've been a mom's party nightmare (superheroes and tv cartoon characters - ew!) and made it into a modern and sophistacted kids party for her son. And my absolutely favorite thing about the party is this hand-painted backdrop she made for taking pictures of all the little upside down spidermen. (Spiderman Party)

3. Take the colors of summer fruit and throw a summer popsicle birthday bash and voila, you have F.U.N (in capital letters). I love the bright colors and the fruit cut-outs used on the 3-tiered cake and cupcakes. (Popsicle Party)


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