The Kiss.


This is quickly becoming one of my favorite photos of all time! Those cute little hands (my favorite hands in the whole world) on that sweet fuzzy face *melt*. I hope you enjoyed your Valentines Day! My hubby is out of town for work, but I received flowers and found a card he'd hidden before he left (he gave me instructions over the phone). Even after 12 years together, he still makes me feel so loved and he never forgets to remind me. I love being married to my best friend, and he's the best father any kid can ask for. We are oh so lucky! Even though daddy wasn't home on love-day, I got to spend a day of love with my little man and puppy. We went to the bookstore and bought some drawing books, and we had lunch together. And with the warm California weather these past few days, it was as good as a day can be. How did you spend your valentines day?

Have a wonderful three-day weekend! 


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