The Art of Kendama


S received his first Kendama (a traditional Japanese toy - the ken has cups and a spike to fit the ball) from his grandparents in Japan when he was four. He was so excited at first and kept trying to get the ball to land on the plate. The one he got can even convert levels (bigger vs smaller plates depending on your age and level), but he still couldn't get it to land. So he eventually got very frustrated and said he didn't want to play with it anymore. Since then, he has received another Kendama as a gift, but they've both been sitting in the drawer and collecting dust. Little did I know, Kendamas are now such a big thing even in the US! They're everywhere! There are even kiosks at the mall that sell them. So I hope they make a come-back at our house too. I know it was just because he was too young to know how to balance and swing gently, but truth is, even for adults it's a tricky thing. I've tried it a couple of times and I only get it to land a handful of times.. not the most encouraging activity, but I bet it's so much fun once you get the hang of it. And because it's such a big deal now, the designs of the Kendamas are amazing! They come in all kinds of materials and colors. The ones shown are from Sweets Kendamas. I wonder if it'll motivate S to play again if he got one that looks like a planet lol

Check out the last trick on the bottom image! Like I would ever be able to do that! HA!!

Have your kids discovered the art of Kendama? Did it take a lot of practice to get it? 

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