Swoop Bag


Within a mere couple of years, we've managed to collect so many toys, we don't know what to do with ourselves. I'm first to admit that I have loved shopping at toy stores more than shopping for my own stuff since becoming a mommy. I get more happiness and gratification seeing my little boy's face light up. It's not an excuse for getting too many fun things, but too late now! That, plus all the christmas presents, birthday presents and presents for no special reason. Too. Many. Toys. And the older they get, the littler the toys seem to get. Yes, I'm talking about you legoes, little cars, little figurines and superheroes and their mini weapons! It's so easy to lose things! We've been quite lucky because even though sometimes we can't find missing pieces or gear, they've always showed up a few days later somewhere. But man is it a struggle with organization! Do you go for soft toy bins that can fit a bazillion things? Or do you go with structured boxes so you can stack things together? I'm sure there is no right or wrong answer. It's whatever works for you and your family. 

I came across these Swoop bags that double as play mats and storage bags for little toys. They come in two sizes, the regular size and a mini. This way if you dump all the little lego pieces and your little (or not so little anymore) one plays in or around it, you can easily pull the drawstrings at the end of each play session and put away all the pieces in one quick "Swoop". I haven't actually tried one yet, but thought it was an interesting concept. We have our little lego pieces in a box right now and it's hard to find particular pieces you're looking for unless you dump out all the contents onto the floor and sift through them. The Swoop bag would at least avoid pieces getting stuck in carpet, which would then avoid any of us stepping on pieces of lego, which I've heard is one of the most awful kinds of pain there is! haha

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