Simply White


I had a hard time finding simple white t-shirts for the little man. I wanted simple designs on white shirts so that he can wear the t-shirts inside a button down shirt 'cause he's cool that way! So once again, I decided to buy plain T's to paint on myself because if you can't find it, make it. I bought these two t-shirts in the spring and it just took forever for me to finally get to painting them. The other day, while S was in the shower, I whipped out the paint brushes and decided to just get it done! He was really happy with both shirts, but he likes the bear one more because "it's just so cute" according to him. I'm just happy they're ready in time for fall layering! 

P.S. It is so hard to get your child to model for you... 

The plain t-shirts were bought at H&M kids

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