Really Big Coloring Poster


I discovered Pirasta through Instagram one day. So for those wondering, I guess sponsored posts do work! ;) They make "really big coloring posters". Like really really big ones - 63" x 36" to be exact. I've seen giant color posters before and I've even thought about using S's roll paper to cut out a long piece and drawing a bunch of things on there for him to color. But I also thought that no matter how good I am at drawing, it just won't have that clean finished look as printed coloring pages do. I love the whimsical illustrations on the Pirasta posters. Each poster is illustrated by a different artist so the styles vary and are fun in different ways. What's also great is that they can learn new facts as they color because there's so much to discover on each poster. 

We recently converted our guest room into a multi-purpose room. Still a guest room with a smaller bed, but the rest of the space can now be used for crafting and play. The pieces are slowly coming together as I've learnt to take "decorating" nice and slow now so I make decisions I won't regret. A few walls are still "undecided" and I'm thinking putting a giant coloring poster that will slowly fill the room with color might be just the thing we need to make the room extra happy!

These really big coloring posters would also make the perfect holiday gift for those kids who have one too many toys (aka almost every kid born this generation). Unexpected and so much fun!


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