Our pick: Qixels


We don't want to always buy random unnecessary things for our kids, and you know the toys keep accumulating! So it's exciting when once in a blue moon, you come across a new "toy" that isn't blah and may be worth buying. Cue "Qixels". I came across this toy completely randomly. Our friends have a girl version of this (similar to Beados in the US). There's a template and you place beads on a plate on top of the template, and then all you have to do after you have the layout done is spray some water on the beads, wait a few hours until it dries and voila, the beads all stick together. It's a no mess kind of entertaiment that takes a lot of focus and time to create. And if your kid is into making their own things then it requires creativity too. Qixels is the boy version of this. It also has a plate and templates, and it uses little squares (to look like pixels). Same thing, lay it out, spray with water and you are done! It's not easy, especially for little hands, but I would say that 5+ is a good age to try. S and I (ane sometimes his dad too) have so far made a dinosaur, a ninja, a dolphin and a sword. It's fun to pick colors, lay them out and see the end result. I really want to create a whole Mario scene with this! hehe

If you're looking for a christmas present for a little boy or girl, I recommend checking our Beados or Qixels for a fun and creative twist to "toy" play! 

You can them here & here.


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