Our Pick: Infant Pillow


I know that infants don't need pillows, and there's a big debate about what sleeping positions are safe for baby and what products are safe to put in a crib. I'm sure there's good reason for that, but I believe parents and care takers also make their judgment calls and do what they think is best for their children. Different cultures also have different points of views, so for example, a lot of people believe that babies are better off sleeping on their tummies while here in the US, sleeping face up is strongly encouraged. Babies are thought to sleep better when on their bellies because it gives them a sense of security. Even though S slept mostly on his back as an infant, my mom and I did try flipping him to his sides and on his belly to see if it changed anything. As a toddler, he now prefers to sleep on his belly (hugging his pillow). Another worry I know Asian people usually have is how sleep positions affect the baby's head shape. Sleeping on our backs means that our heads are likely to get more flattened in the back, and growing up, I've always heard that "round" heads are the good-looking heads. haha that sounds funny after I typed it out, but it's a literal translation. So on a quest to better our little guy's sleep (by raising his head level up to lessen spit ups) and make sure he doesn't end up with a flat head (funny, I know), I came across the Boppy Head Support Pillow at Pottery Barn Kids. We love the fabrics used at PB Kids and we love the pillow made just the right size for little heads. I believe it also fits in a car seat if that's where you need the extra support. 

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