Our Life Photographed: London & Paris Trip


We are finally home from our trip to Europe!!! Not that it wasn't a fun trip, but S and I stayed a little too long, we actually ran out of things to do. And you know how it is after traveling for a while, you just want to come home, sleep in your own bed and eat some home-cooked meals. We decided to make a trip to London and Paris this summer because my dad (S's grandpa) is staying in London for a few months for work purposes. Naturally, we took advantange of that situation! It was my husband's first time in Europe ever! And S's too ofcourse. I grew up traveling A LOT and I'm so grateful to my parents for making that a big part of our childhoods. So when I'm given a chance to give the same gift to S, I'm going to take it! 

We happened to arrive in London just when a heatwave hit Europe. Yes it's great that we saw less rain, but man you cannot imagine how torturous the subway rides were. I want to say that summers in Europe must usually be very comfortable weather-wise because otherwise I do not understand why they haven't put in air conditioning in the stations and trains. Somebody get on that ASAP because it sucks soooo much! Now imagine a packed subway (sans AC) and with two little children crammed in the middle of all that. We're all dripping sweat, every one of us wants to get off pronto and we're couting down stations as we go. That was our lives almost every single day. That, plus tons and tons of walking. The first day we got there, we walked 8 miles, EIGHT! My point is, all this would be ok if it's just us adults, but add in two little children and it becomes a bad idea. In retrospect, I would say London and Paris would best be visited when kids are slightly older. Thank goodness for my nephews stroller! It literally saved our lives and we're so grateful to my sister's family for sharing :D

I just feel like everything you read and see about countries like London and Paris seem so romantic and glamarous, and don't get me wrong, there is a lot of that, but traveling with children is just, realistically, minimum glamour and maximum survival. I love seeing the world through our son's eyes, but what I realized after this trip is that the destination we select plays such a big role in the fun factor. 

Before the trip, if you asked S what he wanted to see most in London, he would've told you the guards. You know, the people in red uniforms and tall black hats that aren't allowed to move or have any emotions. This time around we saw motion alright, we saw sweat dripping down the side of their faces and their faces kept twitching lol Poor guards. Anyway, now that we've done all the possible touristy things to do in London and Paris, we ask S what his favorite thing about the trip was and he says "the aquarium". This was an aquarium he went to visit with his dad, uncle and cousin (a last minute decision) because we were lining up for the London Eye and there was a small aquarium right next door. S also LOVED feeding the swans near grandpa's house. He begged to go every day! It all goes to show what kids truly enjoy doing. Buckingham palace? Windsor Castle? Eiffel Tower? Louvre? Champs Elysees? Arc De Triomphe? London Bridge? Big Ben? aka all the big old buildings/structures my parents made me take a picture with. Really, even the Eiffel Tower couldn't impress 1.5 and 5 year olds. It always looks so grand and beautiful in pictures, but noone ever mentions how dirty and dusty it is everywhere. Our kids just wanted to eat ice-cream from the ice-cream truck nearby. 

I'm going to be the only blogger who makes our Europe trip sound "only ok". But I'm just keeping it real here. I thought about just posting pictures because pictures only show the happy, but that didn't feel right. The truth is our trip was stressful at times, boring at times, happy and exciting at times, and tiring a lot of times. We made a lot of new memories and brought back a lot of tea and chocolate. And if you're interested, my favorite place we visisted was Seven Sisters in England. An old friend of ours took us there and it's such a beautiful place! You'll see it in our pictures below. A must-see if you visit the UK. I'm also happy to say that I visited Platform 9 3/4!! Yup, if you didn't know already I'm a big Harry Potter nerd and Kings Cross Station and the snake area (where Harry Potter spoke parsel tongue for the first time and released the big snake) in the zoo made me giddy!

And now, for the happys...

...munching on Maltesers almost every day made everything better :)

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