Mothers Day Gift Dilemma


Uh-huh, everyone else is posting mother's day gift ideas and here I am trying to figure out what to get some special moms in my life (including my own mama). Because yeah, lots of people are talking about it, but I still haven't seen anything that calls to me yet. I want something personal and unique. Something that says some thought went into picking out this gift. So I asked myself, what would I want for mother's day? Then realized my answers didn't help. I want 1. to hire cleaners to give our house a thorough cleaning 2. the permission to buy a few more expensive items for our house because they've been sitting on my desktop for months now but I've been afraid to spend the money (mainly decorative pieces). So the trick is to let my husband know these things without being too direct. Wish me luck! 

But.. even though I'm stuck about what to get, I have some contenders on my list that I love. Maybe one of them will inspire you if you're stuck like I am! And if you have other brilliant ideas, I would love to hear them.

Sources: {1. MK/BITA shortbread cookies + paper flowers 2. Goose Grease custom framed peg dolls (a twist on a family portrait) 3. Jonathan Adler Early Grey candles (best scent ever!) 4. Hedley & Bennett (mommy & little aprons}


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