Mother's Day 2014


I am so grateful and honored to be a mother. I am so proud and over-joyed to be S's mother. He gives life purpose, he gives us happiness, and our hearts are constantly overflowing with love. It's the best feeling in the world, watching this little guy grow up and seeing the world through his eyes. This was my 4th mother's day, but it was the first one where S was aware that it's mother's day and what the day means. He had his own plans. "I'm going to pick flowers for you from our yard mama. This way we don't have to buy flowers." "I'm also going to give you a hug and a kiss" - that's all mama wants really. Your health and well-being, seeing you smile and your little arms wrapped around my neck. That's all any mama really wants. 

On Saturday (the day before mother's day), S and his dad went out scooting. They were out for a while, and when they came back S said "we scooted really really far mama! We went to a store and got your a card!!" to which his dad reacted with bulging eyes and an incredulous look of "that a was our secret!" hehe but it's those moments we'll treasure the most. Little one's and their innocence. S reacted with a "oops *giggle* I told mommy!"

On Sunday (mother's day), we took S to our local OSH because they had a free mother's day event for kids. Children were given flowers pots on which they can paint whatever they wanted, and then OSH provided plants and soil for the pot. And our night ended with a home-made melt-in-my-mouth steak dinner cooked by none other but my very skilled husband. So yes, it was a happy mother's day for me. I hope it was for all you mama's out there too because even though we do what we do 110% willingly, it's nice to have one special day when we're the center of the universe isn't it? :)

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