Jellycat Critters


Jellycat has always been our favorite stuffed-animal maker. Our little guy has 5 of them (none of which we bought ourselves), but his aunts and uncles have picked some super cute ones for him. I came across their recent collection and had to share some of my current favorites. I love the mix of fabrics and textures, and I'm sure it's fun for little babies to dig their fingers into all the fun fur! S used to chew on his alligators feet when he was little, and I just told him the other day that he used to do that and he said "but I don't do that anymore, I'm not a baby anymore". Now he just tucks them all in and closes the door after them because "they have to take a nap". And ofcourse they all have names!

Does your little one have Jellycat(s)? Who are your favorites?

{1. Thumble Fox 2. Noodle Raccoon 3. Noodle Fox 4. Noodle Hedehog 5. Pitpat Giraffe}

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