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I remember when we found out whether we were having a boy or a girl, I lay on the hospital bed in a dark room and the ultra-sound technician was trying to keep the mood light by making jokes and being sarcastic. He made a random comment about the baby before we found out the gender, and in his sentence he said the word "HE" and I didn't let that go. I was like "you said he! you said he!" and he tried to cover it up. We were very very excited when we found out we were having a boy. Because I have a sister and my husband has a sister, I always assumed we would have a girl. Having a boy felt like a distant dream in some ways, so I was so shocked there was a little baby boy inside my belly! The truth is though, even though we were very excited when we found out, I don't know if it's because of the quiet dark room, or the fact that we were in a hospital (the surroundings), it was really a momentary high and then it was just quiet afterwards. I had to get dressed, walk out and make another appointment, walk down the long hospital hallway with my husband, down the elevator and to the car. So in some ways it was kind of anti-climatic. My point is, I totally understand why gender reveal parties have become such a hype recently! It's not such a bad idea. Instead of finding out right then and there,  have the technician find out the gender and write it down, sealed from you and your partner. Then find out whether you are having a boy or girl (or twins/triplets/quadruplets what have you) with close friends and family, followed by a big celebration! For me, finding out the gender of the baby makes the whole pregnancy process so much more real. That's when I felt like I knew my baby. There was just more of a connection for me knowing, but ofcourse everyone is different. Some people choose to wait until birth to find out and that's a wonderful surprise too. I'm just saying I would appreciate a day of celebration for purely that purpose and basking in that joy on a day of it's own. If I got to do the whole pregnancy thing all over again, sure, I would want a gender reveal party! So I thought I'd share some of my favorite gender reveal ideas today.

1. Balloons in a box - this one seems easy to implement. Someone in the family takes the sealed envelope to a grocery store or party store and asks the clergy to look inside the envelope and fill the box with either pink or blue balloons and tape up the box. So when the box is opened by the expectant couple, blue or pink balloons fly out and the gender is revealed! Ta-Da!! (photo by Kelly Anderson Photography)

2. Continuing with the balloon theme, you can also purchase a black balloon (those big round ones are good) and have the party store fill it with pink or blue confetti. And you can simply pop the balloon with a pin and find out the gender. This can also be done with a fun Pinata! You can find ready-made gender reveal balloons with confetti HERE!

{photo source}

3. Food - whether it's the inside of a cake, cupcake or cake pop (A little food dye is all it takes really!). Or strawberries vs blueberries on pancakes/waffles at a breakfast restaurant. I bet restaurant staff would be more than happy to be a part of such an exciting moment!

{photo source}

4. Going all out - my sister sent me this gender reveal party, and it just puts a smile on your face. Most people probaby can't pull this off and it is a little messy, but it's SO much fun! I'll let the picture speak for itself! 

Yep! They filled water guns with paint but it's so awesome! {photo source}

5. Or... just keep it simple and have someone wrap something small that's blue or pink. Filling the gift bag or box with confetti definitely makes it more fun! If you haven't already, watch one of my favorite designers find out whether she's having a boy or girl. Her and her husband's reactions will make your day! Watch HERE.

6. Finally, you can always just make a giant fortune cookie and hide whatever you want in it! Tutorial can be found HERE.

If you've had a fantastic gender reveal party, I would love to hear about it! Did it feel different from finding out at the hospital (if you've done both)?

A GIANT congratulations to all the expectant mamas and papas out there! :)

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