Enter At Your Own Risk


We've heard of food too cute/pretty to eat, but doors too cute to enter must be a first. These door decals by Made of Sundays (on Etsy) do just that though, and it's such a fun way to dress up a kids space (or the kid at heart). 

Speaking of doors. does your little one(s) like to keep his/her door open or closed? Is it the same during the day vs. at bedtime? Our general rule is always keep the door open. Only after the little guy falls asleep do we go and close the door. Maybe it's a mental thing, but I just think it would be warmer without the door being wide open. I personally hate sleeping with a wide open door, so I just assume it's better that way. During the day though, and sometimes when he has friends over, they like to close the door. When he was little-er I used to think that was a big no no, but now that he's more "mature", I'm starting to think that it's ok if he has some privacy. I wonder at what age he'll want privacy all the time? You know, like in the movies where the kids stick a big "KEEP OUT!" sign on their doors? Somebody give me a heads up so I don't get traumatized.

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