ChitterChatter: What Bedtime Stories Do You Tell Your Little One(s)?


We're excited it's friday because this means daddy is coming home tomorrow! Before my husband went on his business trip, our bedtime story-telling routine had changed quite a bit. We used to just read books and tuck the little guy in, but recently, he hasn't wanted to read books, he wants original stories told by us. So mama and dada took turns telling stories each night. It really put us to the test because we had to be quick on our feet and come up with twists to make the stories interesting. At the end of the story, we either get a "that was a good story" or "I didn't like that story" hahaha Lucky for us, toddlers love repetition, so when he fell in love with a story, he'd request it on certain nights. Daddy's stories are sometimes really funny, and while he tells them, he and I start giggling in the dark because he comes up with the lamest yet most endearing story lines. Before bedtime, S has battled aliens with his best buds Buzz LightYear and Woody, he has dove into the deep sea and become good friends with sea creatures (because his super power is that he can breathe under water), he has battled monsters, and he has become a super star soccer player (I'll let you guess who's story that was!). Even though at times it's been challenging coming up with new stories, it's a wonderful way to bond as a family. All four of us squeeze into his little room until we say good night to him after story time. I hope our little guy remembers all these weird stories when he grows up because these are memories I hope will not be forgotten.Do you do story-time before bed every night? What kind of stories do you and family share?


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That is a lovely post. My son wants almost the same story everyday..Can't help much about that..
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haha I feel you Janika, they love repetition. Good for you in some ways :)

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