Away With The Germs!


S's friends come over and play often, and like school, wherever there are kids, there are all kinds of germies. So a few weeks back I thought: "hm, I wonder if there is a kid-safe sanitizing spray for toys that I can use to clean the toys after kids come over and play?". I was on a mission to find something like that because it sounded so convenient, but alas, I couldn't find a thing! A lot of moms online suggested using a mix of water and white vinegar to sanitize surfaces and toys, and that was the best thing I found. Are there really no natural products (alcohol, chlorine and other scary-stuff free) out there made for this purpose? 

I was happy to find an alcohol-free hand sanitizing spray in Whole Foods the other day though, and wanted to share in case any other care-takers out there are on the hunt for a similar product. It's a travel-sized spray by Clean Well and comes in the original scent (which smells herb-y) or the orange vanilla scent (wish we bought this one instead). Children are always touching things whether in parks or stores or even in the car, and this is the next best thing to washing hands with soap and water. 

If you know of any kid-friendly products you love, please do share! :)


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