A Strawberry-Bunny Birthday For Mila


Say what?! That's right, I said strawberry-bunny themed birthday. What does that mean you say? Simply that those are Mila's current two favorite things. So see, it's not that hard to come up with a birthday theme. You only have to ask them what they like. Also, I'd like to make it known that this was the fastest birthday planning ever been done. Let's just say we pulled it all together an hour before brunch time. I randomly sent a few "strawberry" themed things to my sister and ordered this "bunny cake", but there was no "plan". That morning, she said "I'm buying balloons, what should I get?" I told her, get the red polka dotted ones and we'll cut some green paper and turn them into strawberries. We whipped out some construction paper and I asked my brother-in-law to cut out some bunnies so I can stick them on sticks. My sister had some strawberry powder because you know, Mila's favorite thing, and we said ok mix some into the milk so it turns pink and strawberry. And there you have it, it's a party!

But the important thing is that we just wanted to celebrate Mila. She is this spunky, utterly hilarious now-two-year old who has looked like she's three since she was one. Does that even make sense? She's a big kid guys, and always had a head full of hair, ever since she was born. And I can watch her all day long. Micah, her older brother, my nephew, has always been a mellow, sweet little boy. His parents had it easy and didn't even know it until this 2nd child came along. Mila came into the world and won us all over with her goofiness. She's the first baby girl in our family, and she makes her presence known. One minute she's cooking in the play kitchen being all girly girl and the next minute she's going "ha-yyaaah" copying her big brothers because they're sword-fighting in the other room. This is what we call balance LOL If I had a choice I'd be pinching those cheeks and that chubby little chin on the go. We melt as soon as she calls us and we are not looking forward to the day when she will speak clearly because I mean come on, toddler talk is the best! She adores our dog Lilo fiercely "mama! Lilo so toot (cute)!" she says. And everything is "mine!" And just the other day she came into my house with her leggings pulled up to her thighs and I asked her mom why her pants were like that, and she explained to me that Mila wanted to wear shorts like her big brother who just came from soccer practice. It's like.. she was put into my life just to make me happy. 

I can write novels about the things she does to make us giggle, and why we all love her so very much. Some other time perhaps ;)

Dearest Mila, may you grow up and take over the world around you with your amazing spirit and contagious laugh. You are so so special baby girl! I also hope that ee ee's house (ee ee = auntie) will always be your favorite place in the world forever and ever.

and now for the photos...

{Sources: straws, strawberry lollipops, strawberry honeycomb decorations, bunny cake}

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