A Baby Sprinkle For Zoe


If you don't know already, Zoe would be my little sister. She is three years younger than me and is also known as "the best gift my parents ever gave to me". I can't imagine my life without her. She is in (almost) all of my childhood memories, and she is the best keeper of secrets (we know we all need us one of those!). For the longest time ever, my sister was always stuck at a certain age in my mind. I just couldn't imagine her growing up. She is my LITTLE sister afterall, and she's supposed to stay teeny tiny. I don't know what happened or when it happened, but some guy (my brother-in-law whom I adore!) put a ring on it and then she popped out a baby. Oh but that is not all, no that is not all... she's getting ready to pop out her second baby *gasp*! Who am I kidding, I love being an aunt soooo much I cannot wait to meet the little pea. Did I mention that in January 2016 I will officially have a nephew AND a niece. Yeah as in one of each! How lucky are we?! My little sister is currently in her third trimester and things are getting a little uncomfortable. She says she feels like a whale and if she could spend her days lying down sideways, she probably would. But she has a toddler to take care of and a giant belly to lug around - can't be easy. We all feel so very blessed to have a new baby coming into the family though and are counting down the days to January. We know that this is probably the last time we get to throw her a baby shower, so it was even more reason to celebrate. It was a small gathering of close friends and menu included finger sandwiches (made by Zoe's mother-in-law), a strawberry custard cake (by C'est Si Bon Bakery), little desserts,  and some crackers and cheese. The favor station was a "make your own beaded necklace" station that we forgot to take a picture of! hehe

One thing I learnt from this party is that I really need to sign myself up for some calligraphy classes. Things would be so much easier if I had that skill. I got so frustrated trying to paint stuff this time around because of my lame handwriting... *sigh* 

Honeycomb decorations from Oh Happy Day!

Look at that belly!!


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