8.19.15 - First Day of Kindergarten


If we humans, like birds, have a day where our littles/babies experiment and flap their own wings to try and fly. That moment when all that flapping slowly lifts the baby birds body and then he/she soars? That is the moment you wave bye-bye to your son or daughter when they set foot in their new kindergarten. Yup, it's that big a deal! Feels like it to me anyway. Preschool was a milestone for sure, but they still seemed like babies. Kindergarten truly is a whole new level. It's the real deal, it's the real world. This is when you hope that everything you taught them thus far will be enough for them to make good decisions. Whether it be with making new friends, behavior, how they interact with the teacher. Academically and socially, you hope they can thrive. And this is when you learn to trust your babies because you no longer know what goes on in the classroom or at school. The people they meet now may be ones they grow up with (at least for the next few years). The things they learn now and the interests they gravitate towards may be what shapes the rest of their lives *dun dun dunnn*. I am both excited and nervous about what's to come. And like most mommies and daddies out there, every new thing they try makes my heart overflow with pride and joy. For now, I'm just happy to see him wave to me happily as he enters his classroom every morning, and greet me with a giant smile when he spots me amongst the sea of parents when I pick him up in the afternoon. 

Yup, my baby is officially a kindergartener!

I hope your littles had a good first day at school!

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