7th Birthday Party


We celebrated S's 7th birthday this weekend. Yes 7th! I'm still in disbelief. How can my baby be 7 already? hehe but I hear parents saying that all the time. I guess that's just how love is. When you're happy and love so deeply, you want to bottle it all up and stay a certain way forever. But wow are we so incredibly proud of the little man he's becoming. There's not a single thing we'd change in the last 7 years. I was telling my husband that S is already a better person than I am. His kindness, his courage standing up to others and for others, his consideration, his empathy, his creativity. Pretty sure I didn't have all that when I turned 7, not even sure I currently have the strenghths he possesses. When he was a baby, I would stare at him and think "I want you to be everything mommy isn't. I want you to be better than me in every way because you deserve to be" and he is... already.. at this young age. I mean, I should have expected it really. With the daddy he has, how can he not be. My husband literally completes me. He is the calm when I'm frazzled, he is the wisdom when I don't know what to do, he offers S independence when I'm hovering because I'm impatient, he has the energy to keep up with our son when I just want to bum around, he teaches our son useful knowledge about everyday things and makes it all interesting, he reminds our son to be considerate towards others even with little things like helping a grocery store pick up something and putting it back where it really belongs (none of that just stick it on whatever shelf is closest nonsense!) and he is just THERE. Anytime our little boy needs him, he puts everything down and gives him his full attention. I have yet to see an exception. That is amazing. And yes, this is suddenly turning into me raving about this wonderful man I married, but I can't talk about all the good I see in this little man we're raising without mentioning the reason behind the good. If we're lucky, we have many many more years ahead of us to watch S grow, morph, grow wings and someday fly. There will probably be many challenges lying ahead what with teenage years creeping up on us faster than I could've imagined, but I have to believe that we are loving him in the best way we know how and that that love will be enough to guide him through this crazy thing called life. 

With all the crazy political stuff that's been going on around us recently, I can't help but see some light in this whole dark situation. Maybe because of all the craziness, this generation: our children, are learning at a very very young age the importance of loving one another in spite of our differences. Maybe because of it they will have more open minds, more empathy and more acceptance. They will see the hurt inflicted if we let petty things divide us and be better than us. Even though we're going through a dark time right now, perhaps the outcome is a world so full of love and light we'd think ourselves lucky to leave our children in a world like that someday. So maybe we're just preparing for that better world because sometimes it takes some bad to see even more good, and if our children are the one's who will benefit from our fights and tribulations, then it will be all worth it, wouldn't it not?

Anyway, that was my two cents about that. Back to this past weekend. The 7th birthday party! Once we decided we were going to throw a party I thought "if we're doing this we might as well go all out". I just mean we invited almost everyone we know! With every year that passes, it becomes harder and harder to limit the guest list. We have friends from babyhood, then preschool, then kindergarten and now first grade. That is a lot of friends, my friends. Add on to that mommy's friends and daddy's friends. Let's just say when the kids are old enough for "drop offs" it wouldn't be too bad a thing. hehe We needed a big park. We also needed it to be nice and sunny after all that California rain (buh-bye drought!). 

I asked S what theme he wanted his birthday to be this year. Guess what he said? POKEMON. Anyone surprised? You shouldn't be. He's been obsessed with his friends since starting first grade. I mean, they pretend to be Pokemons during recess, he collected Pokemon cards this Christmas from his advent calendar, he borrows Pokemon books from the library.. everything is just Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon. Rewind to just a few years ago when I was still able to pick out birthday themes myself and make everything look cute just the way I wanted - that me was definitely dreading super hero specific themes, ninja turtles and yup, you guessed it, Pokemon too! But today's me, I am prepared! I see what's happening to all the little boys around my son. I told myself, I will take these not-so-cute-boy-themes and I will modernize and I will cute-ify and conquer! That will be my challenge. So without further a-do, here is our Pokemon party including a magic show, a soccer game, lots of amazing friends and family who came out to celebrate our 7 year old boy on a beautiful day!

these Pikachu candy jars were a lot of work to cut and paste each part, but the result was so worth it! They were the highlight of the party. I put lemonheads for the older kids and mango gummy bears for the younger children. (Mason jars, papers and hole punches from Michaels.)

Instead of table cloths this year, I decided to make custom placemats for each person. Pokemon comic strips since they're old enough to read.

Time for the magic show! Magical Nathaniel was great! He was engaging and the tricks were fun. Even the adults enjoyed it. The kids were completely intrigued. 

... then it was food and cake time! Instead of serving slices of cake, we opted for cupcakes for all the guests. No cutting, no plates, no hassle. It worked out great! But ofcourse, we bought a small cake for the birthday boy to blow out the candles.

our little guy isn't one for attention. As we were walking to the table for birthday cake time he told me: "but mama, I don't want everyone to sing happy birthday to me" and I said "what's a birthday party without the singing?" see how he doesn't even look like the birthday boy in this picture? hahaha

custom rubber stamp from Etsy that I used to stamp on napkins and water bottles.

a very happy 7 year old boy!

A big thank you to everyone who came out to wish S a happy birthday. He had so much being surrounded by his buddies and cousins!

A special thank you to:

My dearest husband who helped me cut things, stick things, blow up balloons, tie strings, carry boxes and everything in between. You are the best!!

My little sister Zoe for taking beautiful pictures

My brother in law John for helping us with the food

My sister's mother in law who helped me finish some crafting projects

Friends who lent us cones for soccer and picnic blankets for the magic show. Thank you!


Cake and cupcakes - Safeway. For a big party, there is no better option. We had over 70 people! Noone would've guessed the cakes were from Safeway. Yummy and affordable. Strongly recommend.

Bulk candy for the Pikachu favor jars - Amazon (oh isn't Amazon Prime just the best?)

Cupcake toppers - printed and cut at home, but the adorable artwork is by Jenni Illustrations who so graciously gave me permission to use her drawings.

Mini coloreful balloons - Oh Happy Day Shop

Cake fondant toppers - Froakie (S's favorite Pokemon), Pikachu, Dragonite by the very talented Margaret of Sugared Up Toppers.

Star candles - by MeriMeri found on Amazon

Magic show - by Magical Nathaniel

Custom rubber stamp - by Unveil Co. Goods Company

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