On January 19th 2010, I gave birth to our little boy Seiya. To say that he is the most wonderful gift is an understatement: my life truly started the day I met him. Since then I've lost interest in any kind of shopping except for baby things. I'm always on the hunt for the best products and the most unique treasures.

I'd been toying with the idea of starting a new blog, but it took me a little while to gather up some courage and launch it. This is a blog about all parenting-related inspirations whether it be crafting, fashion, decor or yummy recipes. I'll also be sharing what I've found useful from my personal experiences as a mom: my perspective on kids and family, if you will! And through comments and feedback on this blog I hope to meet mamas and papas alike – hear their stories, experiences and advice, and form a wonderful support community for all the super parents out there.

If, like me, you love finding new and exciting things for your kids, if you love all-things-cute, or even if you just think itty bitty baby feet are so adorable, then I truly hope that you will enjoy this blog. I will write about nothing and I will write about everything, and it will all be inspired by our little guy. This blog will be a little bit personal, a little bit inspirational, a little bit adventurous and a whole lot of cute!